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Portfolio / Hospital Lobby Kiosk


Hospital Lobby Kiosk


Design Challenge

Iteratively design and prototype a "walk up and use" interactive touch screen kiosk in Flash that provides information or services.


In a hospital lobby, people are focused on 1) finding out where their friend or relative is, 2) finding out where they need to go for an appointment, or 3) learning about available services. For these situations, many users can be in a state of heightened awareness and mental stress.

In addition to dealing with users' increased cognitive load, a hospital information kiosk also needs to support a wide range of ages and cultures. Elderly patients need large fonts and large targets for buttons. For non-native English speakers, simple, plain English is best.

Taking all of these factors into account, I implemented an interface with large, bright buttons that attract attention and are immediately visible on the screen with simple labels.

Evaluation Methods




  • Think Aloud Usability Testing
  • Flash MX
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

User Test Report | HospitalKiosk.swf

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