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Robotic Flower



Design Challenge

Create an empathetic interactive experience that explores interactive installations and social interfaces. Themes can include surveillance, telepresence, tangible user interfaces, interactive games, or wearables.


On a table that is against a wall or underneath a window, there will be a flower pot with grass and a watering can. In the flower pot grass, there are a few LEDs that flash intermittently in a loop. Drawn by the flashing lights, when a person stands directly in front of the flower, the ultrasonic sensor detects their presence. At three feet away, the LEDs around the center of the flower light up.

When you pick up the watering can to water the flower, the accelerometer detects the change in motion and triggers the motor inside the watering can to extend a string of white LEDs. The LEDs will be lit up.

When the watering can is replaced back on table in a horizontal position, the motor retracts the string of LEDs and they turn off. While the flower is being watered, the central core of LEDs light up and rotate in the center of the flower.

Built with: 1 Ultrasonic Rangefinder, 2 Servo motors, multiple LEDs, and an accelerometer. Programmed with PBASIC.

Interaction Function Maps

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