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Design Challenge

For an 8 month master's capstone project sponsored by Sun Microsystems, my project team was challenged to create a lightweight, collaborative communication tool for knowledge workers that helps people remember what to do, allow groups to see who's doing what, and makes it easier to find information.


TeamMail is a Java email client that incorporates lightweight task management functions right into your email Inbox. TeamMail is a fully-functioning prototype, built on top of Columba, an open source Java email client. Task objects exist within the email client and include extended properties such as integrated conversation threading and document posting within the body of the task message, and the visual display of task ownership and completion status within the "People Palette."

Take a tour of TeamMail with the Product Demo.

Research Methods

Design Methods

Evaluation Methods


  • Competitive Analysis
  • Literature Review
  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Personas
  • Use Cases
  • Mood Board
  • Surveys
  • Think Aloud Usability Testing
  • Diary Studies
  • Focus Groups
  • Eclipse
  • Photoshop
  • mySQL

Final Presentation | Project Web Site

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