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Design Challenge

Design a digital music player for young, urban commuters using public transportation. The focus of the interaction design with the physical device is to find balance between usability and pleasurable interaction. Interaction with the device needs to reinforce, complement, or contrast users' emotional connection with the music.


Commuters are masters of multi-tasking. On buses and subways I observed people standing, sitting, holding on to poles, and carrying things. Listening to music during a work commute serves as a way to shut out the world and provide a space for ramping up or winding down. A music player must be both stylish and convenient while inconspicuous enough to deter theft.

earTunes is an all-in-one headphone music player that allow easy access to key functions (play/pause, skip, volume), natural mapping for volume control, mirrored controls on each side, and audio navigation of playlists.

In addition to the headpiece, a wireless remote control with LCD display provides enhanced functionality with track/artist listing, playlist management, and shuffle mode. It automatically syncs with the music player upon activation and comes in a variety of styles and attachments.

Research Methods

Evaluation Methods



  • Shadowing
  • Shopping
  • Media Review for target demographic
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • Photoshop

Final Presentation

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